Goals for 2013

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Boy, does time fly. Anyway, happy new year for all of you! Hope you had a blast during New Year's Eve and are now ready to take on 2013. I know I am.

I follow various life-hacking or so called "self improvement" blogs and read on a few of them about the importance of writing down your goals and sharing them with others. That's why I will use this post to list my goals for 2013. I will come back throughout 2013 and update this post when I made any goal related progress.

Work related goals

  • Release and offer support for a total of 5 WordPress plugins with each of them having over 10k downloads by the end of this year (4/5)
  • Create a Dutch portfolio website with all my client work
  • Create a new WordPress theme for this website
  • Release either a premium WordPress plugin OR a premium WordPress theme (Done: Mailchimp for WordPress)
  • Stick to / focus on creating (responsive) WordPress themes when it comes to client work
  • Take on more (of the above) client work
  • Become a JavaScript expert.

Educational goals

  • Finish an internship assignment for a movie production company based in Bangkok
  • Follow a minor in entrepeneurship

Travel goals

  • Travel, work, orientate and enjoy life in Asia for at least a few months. (planned)
  • Visit at least 1 more country in the second part of 2013

Fitness goals

  • Deadlift 2.5x BW. (2.1/2.5)
  • Squat 2x BW (1.61 / 2)
  • Overhead Press 1x BW (0.67 / 1)
  • Bench Press 1x BW (1 / 1)
  • 12 consecutive body weight pull-ups
  • 20 consecutive body weight dips
  • Drink less beer (have less hangovers)
That is all I can come up with at the moment. All of these goals seem pretty clear to me, are definitely attainable, inspire me and have a deadline. These are not new year resolutions, these are mere items on a to do list.

Did you set your goals for 2013 already? Tell me about them in the comments. Sharing your goals is important, remember?!

Update 09-11: Crossed a few goals off my list: I finished my internship in Bangkok, released a premium plugin which my customers seem to LOVE, installed a new theme on this website and completely quit drinking beer. Not bad! :-)