A new site, built on Ghost

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The below is vastly outdated. I've since moved to a static site generator called Jekyll Zola. Source code is here on GitHub.

It was about time I spent some time to work on my personal site.

The old one was vastly outdated in terms of content and technologies used. I also didn't write a single blog post in at least 6 months, while there is more than enough going on in my day to day life to write about.

Anyway, here it is: my new site. Pretty much everything in the way it is served has changed.

Server softwareApacheNginx
Scripting languagePHP 5.3Node
ThemeCustom WordPress themeModified version of Uno, a Ghost theme by Dale Anthony
CommentsWordPress commentsDisqus

So far I am pretty pleased with the results. Working with Ghost and writing in Markdown has been a bless so far. Also, the new site speed is just incredible.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the new site and design - love it or hate it?

PS. Maybe, just maybe, using Ghost will help me blog a little more often. I hope so.