Show a Mailchimp sign-up checkbox in your checkout forms.

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If you're running an e-commerce website on WordPress, you're in luck. You probably know how important it is to build your newsletter list throughout the years. One great way to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter is to show a sign-up checkbox in your checkout form.

An example of a sign-up checkbox.

Why ask to sign-up to a newsletter during checkout?

The people who are purchasing your products are most likely interested in your newsletter as well. Most people will want to hear any news regarding the product(s) they bought from you.

That's why it is important to make it as easy as possible for them to sign-up for your newsletter list(s). Ideally, you want a simple "Sign up to our newsletter?" checkbox included in your checkout forms. You certainly don't want to have your customers fill out two different forms asking for almost the same things.

A sign-up checkbox in your checkout form

By presenting your customers with an easy opt-in method at your checkout forms you will surely improve your sign-up rate. With a checkbox asking them to sign-up, all they have to do is check it to subscribe to your newsletter. No extra fields need to be filled in, they already entered all the required information in your checkout form. You can even have the checkbox pre-checked by default.

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Recently, I added automatic integration with two popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress to my premium plugin, Mailchimp for WordPress, that does just this. When activated, the plugin checks if you're running any plugins it can integrate with and then presents you with an option to show a newsletter sign-up checkbox at some of the available hooks. Show a checkbox at your Easy Digital Downloads checkout form.


There is a live demo available on this website on the checkout page but here is a screenshot of what it looks like with my theme.

A pre-checked checkbox in your checkout forms is a sure way to build your email list(s).

The plugin currently automatically integrates with the following eCommerce plugins.

Besides these plugins, it also integrates with some other (non eCommerce) plugins.

Want to see a plugin added to this list? Great, I'm constantly looking to improve my product so just drop me a line in the comments and I will start looking into it.