Periodically check WordPress core for (malicious) modifications

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Last Thursday I was at a WordPress meetup where Jaime Martinez did a talk about WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress.

One of the very useful commands he showed is wp core verify-checksums, which verifies the checksum of all WordPress core files. It will tell you exactly which of your core files do not match the original file in the repository.

$ wp core verify-checksums
Warning: File does not verify against checksum: wp-admin/about.php
Warning: File does not verify against checksum: wp-load.php
Error: WordPress install does not verify against checksums.

Running this command at a set interval can be very useful to monitor your WordPress installations for malicious modifications.

I configured a cronjob on my server to run the following script every day.

cd /my/wp/directory

if [ -e /tmp/wp-core-verify-checksums-notified ]; then

if [ ! $(wp core verify-checksums) ]; then
        curl \
              -u MY_API_KEY: \
              -d type=note \
              -d title="WP checksum verification failed." \
              -d body="Checksum of your WP core files does not match the checksum of original core files. What up with that?" \
              -X POST

        touch /tmp/wp-core-verify-checksums-notified

It traverses into my WordPress directory and runs the WP-CLI command. If verification failed it will send a push notification to all my devices using Pushbullet.

If you ask me it is definitely worth a few minutes of your time to configure something along the same lines for your server(s) or customers.

Tips or improvements? Taking this a step further? Sharing is caring! :-)