Interview on WebWorkTravel

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I was recently interviewed by Johannes Voelkner, the guy behind WebWorkTravel who seems to have visited just about any country in the world. We ran into each other last year while on a workation in Tarifa, a small kitesurfing town in Southern Spain.

Group of online entrepeneurs on workation in Tarifa, Spain

I've been following Johannes' adventures for a few years already as he was one of the first to share his stories of traveling while working. Johannes thought my story would be interesting for his readers so we did an interview.

>> Interview with Danny van Kooten on WebWorkTravel <<

In the interview we talk about how I got started with traveling, what I'm doing to stay sane on the road and why I like it so much. We also talk about how I started building Mailchimp for WordPress from a hospital bed in Vietnam.

Hope you enjoy the interview! :)