One million downloads (!!!)

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Last Friday was a day of many milestones for Mailchimp for WordPress, which is by far my most popular WordPress plugin.

The plugin experienced some crazy growth since its first release, less than 2 years ago.


Just a little over a year ago the plugin was still at 100.000 downloads.

At exactly midnight UTC last Friday the plugin was downloaded for the millionth time.

Someone managed to grab a screenshot of it and sent it to me.

1 million!


10.000+ downloads in 24 hours

Just last Friday alone, the plugin was downloaded a staggering 12.000 times.

While this is mostly due to people updating the plugin to the latest version, it is certainly a milestone I looked forward to and am really proud of.

Another milestone. Not sure how long this has been the case but Mailchimp for WordPress is now featured on the "Most Popular" plugins sidebar on as #17.

More numbers

We did a post on the Mailchimp for WordPress Blog listing some numbers on the plugin.

I'm delighted to have reached those milestones and eager to continue improving the plugin so it can be more useful for you all. So please, continue downloading the plugin, send me your feedback, leave a plugin review, write about the plugin. Any of those things would make me really, really happy.