Introducing "ibericode"

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For the last 5 years, I've been doing business under my somewhat boring personal name. The official name of my company was just "Danny van Kooten".

For me, this made perfect sense as I was on my own, working for clients and selling some of my WordPress plugins.

It did cause some confusion every now and then though. Also, I've been getting more and more help handling the ever increasing workload and since a few months, I'm working with two wonderful people on a daily basis.

As the team grew by a few hands, we figured we needed a real company name. We thought about a name long and hard and finally settled for ibericode.


The name ibericode is a wordplay on iberico and code, because of the love the team shares for delicious food (Spanish ham, oh boy..) and clean, well-written code.

As developing & supporting software can be perceived as boring, we needed someone cute and fun on the team. That's where Rico comes in, our cute little helper mascot.

Rico, our mascot

You can read all about our new brand on the ibericode blog: introducing ibericode.

I'm very much looking forward to continue our amazing growth under this new name. Hope you like it as much as I do!

@ibericode is on Twitter. Please follow us if you would like to stay updated of our work & some related ramblings.