Celebrating 2 million downloads for Mailchimp for WordPress

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Earlier today, our Mailchimp for WordPress plugin crossed the 2 million downloads mark and we're super proud of that.

I remember announcing the plugin on my blog here and receiving only a handful of responses.

A year later, I wrote about reaching the first big milestone: 100.000 downloads.

Then, barely 6 months ago we multiplied that number by 10. That makes 1 million total downloads.

We doubled that number again today.

2 million downloads

To say I'm not super proud would make me a liar.

When I started working on this plugin I was still enrolled in University. In the years that followed, I had an amazing time graduating at Yoast, traveling to various countries and getting 2 wonderful people on board to help further grow my company.

If the next two years will only be half as good, I'll be a happy man.

Thank you!