Personal goals for 2020

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My last blog post where I defined goals for the upcoming year was back in 2013.

It's fun to go through that post. In a way I feel some shame of where I was back then (which is silly, but I feel it nonetheless). At the same time it's a testament of how far I've come, so there is some proud as well.

Since this will be another post in which I will be defining my goals for the upcoming year, I hope to be looking at this post a few years from now with the same mix of feelings.

For the last few years I have been drifting, just taking life as it happened. Caring for my daughter (now daughters!), keeping the business running, trying to stay healthy while attempting to enjoy life at the same time.

But I miss having clear and measurable goals. I like the feeling of moving closer to a set target each and every day, even if just a tiny bit. That's why I came up with this list of what I would like to achieve in 2020.

Hire a WordPress developer

I've postponed this for years, only hiring to help reduce the burden of daily support.

Despite it being justified financially to bring on another WordPress developer to help me out with more advanced support questions and possibly some development, I've yet to take the plunge.

For 7 straight years I have been answering emails for the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin each and every day, with at most 48 hours of rest in between. This has certainly taken its toll, so I would like to get some help in this area or alternatively sell off the product in its entirety.

Learn Rust

After learning Go (and open-sourcing Browserpass) in 2016 and some C in 2019, I would like to gain a basic understanding of Rust in 2020.

This goal is a little vague as it is, so I will need to rephrase this goal by setting out to create a specific tool in Rust instead. More on that later.

Lead climb in nature

In the spring of 2020 I will be taking lessons in lead climbing. The plan is to use our summer holiday to go lead climbing in nature. Slovenia is tempting, but I am not sure whether we are ready to make the 12-hour drive with 2 young kids aboard.

There are so many spots in Europe to go lead climbing that finding a beautiful place closer to home shouldn't be an issue though.

Climbing in Bled, Slovenia

Send a bouldering route graded 6C (V6)

Another climbing related goal is to send an indoor bouldering route graded 6C. After just a few months of climbing I'm currently climbing 6B on a good day, so this should not be an issue if I put in consistent sessions and do not injure myself.

Get my chess ELO rating up to 1600

I have been slacking when it comes to chess lately, not playing any games at all for months. Perhaps having a clear goal will help.

My current ELO rating is about 1400, I would like to get this up to 1600 in 2020.

Not buying a new laptop

My current laptop is a 2013 Macbook Pro, which is still running great. Despite that I have been feeling the urge to replace it lately, even though it is not even my daily driver.

I gave in to the urge last month and bought a Dell XPS 15", only to return it a week later because I realised it was an unnecessary purchase. So for 2020 (and beyond) the goal is to hold on to the Macbook Pro until it literally falls apart.

If you're still reading this far (and even if not), here's to a wonderful 2020 for you and your loved ones.

Send me a tweet if you have written goals you would like me to remind you of as the year progresses, it would be good to keep each other accountable!